Jazz Nocturne: Piano Music of Dana Suesse

Release Date: 10/27/2009
Label: E1 Music International Classics
From the Album: Jazz Nocturne: The Collected Piano Music of Dana Suesse
Performer: Sara David Buechner

  1. Jazz Nocturne
  2. Afternoon Of A Black Faun
  3. Scherzette ("whirligig")
  4. The Cocktail Suite I: Old-Fashioned
  5. The Cocktail Suite II: Champagne
  6. The Cocktail Suite III: Bacardi
  7. The Cocktail Suite IV: Manhattan
  8. Blue Moonlight
  9. Berceuse
  10. Midnight In Gramercy Square
  11. 110th Street Rhumba
  12. Serenade To A Skyscraper
  13. Swamp-bird
  14. Song Without Words
  15. Syncopated Love-song
  16. You're The Surest Cure For The Blues
  17. Dream of A Doll
  18. Ivory Tips
  19. Piano Poker
  20. Mindin' The Baby